How to reach your weight goals!

img_4441   If you already have your workout routine and diet plan in check and you’re still having trouble getting to your goal weight there is a reason for that!

The main reason is, you’re lying to yourself. Maybe your diet is a little bit off. Another reason is you over eat and don’t realize it. Thats why its crucial to make sure you count your calories. If you count your calories every day you can figure out how many you need to actually loose weight. Once you find your number it’s always good to hit them numbers every single day consistently so you maintain your goal weight loss each week.


Another great motivational tip to stick to your diet and continue to loose weight is to check your body image weekly in the mirror and take weekly pictures. Believe it or not but the biggest motivation to weight loss is yourself. When you visually see yourself loosing weight it makes you want to work harder and keep going.

Always stick to your diet. Take pictures and see weekly change to motivate yourself and always stay true to yourself never lie to yourself!

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I am 19 years old, and I'm here to motivate and help inspire other to get into fitness and be positive on life.

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